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5 Reasons Why I Love Lus Brands

There are a plethora of reasons why I love Lus Brands! I could go on for days professing my love for their all in one leave-in but there is so much more to the brand. Be sure to check out my full review. If you are looking to really wake up your styling routine and join a welcoming community of curlfriends then look no further. Here are just a couple of things I love about Lus Brands:

1. Stellar Customer Service

If you find that you have any questions or are stumped on which products would work best for your hair, the Lus team encourages you to private message them and send pictures of your hair in order to make a recommendation. They are readily available to provide quality support; the team takes the reputation amongst their customers very seriously. I remember an instance when a customer gave them a very low review so the Lus team reached out to her and arranged a FaceTime session to dig deeper and coach the customer on proper use of the products. A week or so later the customer retracted her original review and shared her “5-star” experience professing her love for the product and team.

2. Boss Babe Owner – Sahar

Lus Brands Sahar

I mean, I really don’t know where to start. Supportive, caring, smart, and gorgeous – I could go on for days. I look up to Sahar so much. She is an amazing businesswoman who pours her heart into her business and her products. Sahar has a wealth of knowledge and is ready and willing to share in order to uplift her fellow girl bosses.

4. Crazy Curl Definition

Lus Brands

Shot by Joshua Smith – OMIT Photography 

As a member of kinky – coily type 4 club, I previously struggled with detangling and curl definition. My hair is thick and it can be tough to find the right products that provide curl definition all over. This product really can tame and define the most stubborn curls.

5. Ease Of Using 1 Product

Styling can be a battle! Before I discovered Lus Brands, there were times when I would use as many as 10 products to achieve the perfect look with the right amount of hold so that my hair would last. I was not only cumbersome but very time-consuming. I love that I can achieve stunning curls with one product. It is efficient and saves so much time.


Mini Gift Sets

Lus Brands Minis

I am a huge advocate for travel size mini products for so many reasons. Obviously, it is so convenient for traveling to have the smaller bottles. Also, you get a chance to test out the system without breaking the bank since it is so affordable. These minis also are perfect for surprising your favorite curl friend.

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