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AM Skin Care Routine 7/23

Didn’t have much time to get ready this morning so I went for my Pixi Vitamin-C Juice Cleanser. This was quick and perfect because I got a super deep cleanse last night, so, I did not need to do as much this morning as my face was still pretty clean. Next I grabbed my Pixi Vitamin-C Tonic applying it with a cotton round. I dabbed my serum from Pixi on the outer portions of my face and salicylic acid from the Ordinary on my nose and chin. Eye cream was massaged in gently next. Lastly, I used the Volition Celery Green Cream. I am loving this so far. The scent gets me every time!

For my body, I have been living for the LUS Brands elixir oil. It is so hydrating for my entire body, head to toe. No one wants to be caught ashy in these streets this summer.

Have a great day!!


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