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Best Salon To Get A Lash Lift In Atlanta? Review: iBrow iLash Bar

Hey Dolls,

I hope everyone is having a great day! My energy has been up and I have been so productive these past few weeks. As the last semester of my masters program is coming to and end, I feel like I have FINALLY gotten down a proactive routine that is allowing me to finally come out from the rock I have been under the past two years. It has been my priority to make time for myself for pampering and a self care.

Recently, while scrolling down my Instagram feed, I saw a grand opening special for a lash lift, which is a service I have been considering trying for a few years now. Previously, I could not find an affordable price or a location that I felt I could trust.

As I examined the salon’s portfolio I was instantly impressed. What sold me was the pricing of the grand opening special in combination with her work.The iBrow iLash Bar is currently offering a lash lift/tint and brow tint for just $65. Even though I still had a few reservations (I was really just nervous about trying something new, especially because I have sensitive eyes) I knew I had to secure my appointment ASAP.

I went on to the site and secure my slot…for the wrong time and day lol. But, the owner Salli, was kind enough to correct my error and get me the time slot I initially was needing.

As a makeup artist, I am very selective with who I let touch my face. The nervousness continued to build as I entered the salon for my appointment but Salli greeted me with the most warm and comforting welcome upon entering her suite. The suite was decorated to the T and she had all the 90’s RnB hits playing in the background – so you know, we were off to a good start.

After establishing that we used to be neighbors and thoroughly checking out her office, I took my position on her table and my service began. Salli made sure I was kept in the loop by talking me through the entire process.

The first part of the process, basically gives your lashes the curl and the second tints them like mascara would. This makes the lashes look longer, thicker, and more voluminous. It really opens up your eyes. Salli also hooked me up with a brow tint complimentary which means I don’t have to worry about filling them in everyday.

The service is not painful at all, however, I would say that it was a tad bit uncomfy because I am not used to anyone being so close to my lash line/eyes. Overall, I really loved my results.

Check them out below.

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Lash lift & tint with brow tint on this beauty! @_kimberlysimone Can’t wait for you to let me slay those brows!!!!

A post shared by iBrowiLashBar (@ibrowilashbar) on Mar 4, 2019 at 7:00am PST

I will definitely be back again in 2-3 months (that how long it will last me). Be sure to stop by her shop and tell her I sent you if you are in the Atlanta area. Book your appointment now by clicking this link.



P.S. The shopping center that the salon is located is so new that you want to ensure that your map app is not auto updating it to another location down the street from the actual facility – save yourself some time and use google maps NOT the iPhone map app for directions!

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