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Cure For Tender, Sore Scalp?

Summer 20 Minute Makeup (3)

Since I can remember, I battled a tender scalp specifically when it was time for a touch up relaxer. Since transiting to #TeamNatural, I’ve had a very hard time caring and styling my hair due to having a sore, tender scalp. Fast forward to over a year later and I have only found one solution that works – scalp massages. It can be rough trying to do it regularly with just your hand when doing them regularly. The VitaGoods Scalp Massaging Shampoo Brush has changed my hair care routine and enhanced the health of my hair while eliminating my “tender headed” discomfort. Stay tuned for a video demo and more detailed review coming soon. Get Free US Shipping when you use discount code “FWJILOLFLA2T”


  1. Use on wet or dry hair

  2. Use daily for oil scalp massaging

  3. Use weekly or as needed for shampooing

  4. Great for thick hair that tends to create a tough to break through barrier

  5. Great for saving your nails by eliminating  usage

  6. Provides amazing results

  7. The massaging motions and vibrations encourage hair growth via boosting circulation of blood in the scalp

  8. Reduces discomfort from tender scalp



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