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Guest Post: Tackling Hair Growth


Dr. Tenecia Hall, founder of Curl Friends Forever

Q: What do I use for hair growth?!

A: This question has few answers. I started taking a hair vitamin called It Works Hair, Skin, and Nails When I started taking the vitamins my hair was ear length. I take 2 vitamins everyday with food. No side effects and lost of results. It helped me jump start growth.


I also use a lot of moisture. Water is the best moisture. I also use Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Leave In Conditioner mostly everyday. This leave in is so light and works on my hair well. It helps me keep my hair hydrated.

Diet is a big part of hair growth too. Your diet should consist of lots of greens and B vitamins. I get my greens in in one drink because I typically don’t eat a lot of greens.

medium (1).jpg

I use Wild growth hair oil every other day on my scalp. The oil is very easy to use, affordable and definitely works. I let my conditioner stay on my hair at least 8 hours. This regimen is time consuming but it’s so rewarding.


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