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Influenster X Maybelline Matte Ink 

One to two applications can wear for up to 16 hours. The evening I received my Vox Box compliments of Influenster I just couldn’t wait to swatch and try on my new products. I put on a coat of the red one then started messing around the house. I ended up falling asleep and woke up with my matte red lip STILL poppin’.

The formula is very comfortable on the lips. It has a faint sweet/candy smell. Most importantly, the pigment is outrageous for the price. The new applicator makes it easy to get a precise, clean and even application. Maybelline has wowed me with another top notch, long wear formula at a drug store price! I definitely recommend this lippie for events where you can’t always find time to reapply and touch up your lip color. It’s perfect for presentations, weddings, date night and so much more.

Huge thanks to Influenster and Maybelline for this awesome campaign.

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