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Life Lessons: Earn Your Seat


One very important aspect of life is surrounding yourself with people who you can learn from. I’ve always been taught to watch and be very particular about that company you keep; I’ve also been taught that you can never stop learning. The goal is to make MEANINGFUL and STRATEGIC relationships in which all parties add value. Each party must earn their “seat”. In life, we must decide exactly what “table” it is that we want to sit at, then we must figure out a method in which to do so.

I work very hard for everything I have and I’m not going to let anyone who has not earned my seat simply take it.

Okay. So, I’ve said all this to say, when I went to the movies to see the new Power Rangers movie there was a younger, basic guy sitting in my seat. I told him hey you’re in my seat. He asked if I could sit in the seat right next to my seat and made a gesture like it was open and unclaimed. On the inside I’m like…

The movie had already started, so, I glanced back at the screen and decided I really just wanted to see the movie. I thought the easiest thing would be to sit down.

For about 10 minutes, I replayed the scene over in my head with clever comebacks; I loathed myself for not saying HECKKKKKKK NAHHHHHH GET UP OUT MY SEAT. It was more than a seat. It it was my respect. I vowed that day it would never let it happen again.

So, fast forward to tonight. It’s date night! I’ve been super pumped to see Girls Trip  and I dragged bae along. We were there on time ready to see if there were fashionable ladies smelling like shea moisture (lol jk did you guys read that post??) only to walk up and find someone sitting in my seat… I thought about my vow…

Me: Hi you’re in my seat. I politely flash my phone with the seat assignment.

Man: Well, there is someone in my seat – there’s nothing we can do about it. . .

Me: Oh no! Well you have to get them up. *smiled and laughed cute and politely*

Man: Huh? *gets and attitude*

Me: *Thinks to self: I can help him get this sorted out

*Thinks to self again: That’s not my problem

Only I didn’t think it…. I SAID IT OUT LOUD lol.

The man looks James up and down. Calculates that he doesn’t want to press his issue. He mashes the button to bring the reclined seat back to the resting position.

He  gets up and I watched as he claims his seat in the row in front of us. Then those people claim their seat from another couple. Sheesh. We movie theater junkies officially had enough. I’m a reasonable person and very kind. But listen, movie tickets cost $15 a pop. Ain’t no way Imma let someone sit in my seat!

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