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Review: Holmes Organics CBD Hair Care Line

If you know me, then you know I am a believer and advocate of CDB and its ability to provide serious levels of relief in various areas of life. When I learned that CBD hair products existed, I knew I had to grab a few. My go-to CDB brands is Holmes Organics. I was already hooked on their CBD oil tincture, so, I trusted that the hair products would just as amazing and life changing as the oil.

The line has 5 products that are all geared towards promoting healthy hair growth. The products include: shampoo, conditioner, hair mist, hair balm, and hair growth oil. Each of these products retails for $19 and are well worth the coin.

Prior to using the line, my hair was always in need of additional moisture. Most shampoos are too drying and leave my hair stripped of all its natural oils. The Holmes Organics shampoo is very clarifying so I typically only need to wash once with the shampoo because it provides the ideal level of cleanse, where my scalp is fresh, breathable without overdoing it making it dry and irritated. I make sure to take my time working all of the product over my entire scalp focusing on my roots.

I love the Holmes Organics conditioner and am almost in need of a re-up as I tend to use up conditioner faster than shampoo.! It provides a lot of slip for my type 4 coils and curls. I like to either toss on a shower cap to allow it to penetrate deeply or I will just go ahead and rinse immediately depending on how much time I have. IDK about you, but, conditioning is my favorite part of wash day...having enough time to deep condition is always a cherry on top!

The hair mist is great for providing moisture when you need to manipulate your hair for styling. I usually start with the mist then begin detangling before moving to leave-in conditioner. I'm a believer in the LOC and LCO methods so typically, I will follow with the Holmes Organics growth oil prior/after styling. The balm works great for protective styles when my scalp needs some TLC before and after for prep/maintenance. I can't wait to show you my long term results after using this line for a few months. I am a little over a month in. My goal has been to grow my hair out since transitioning from my red hair. To achieve it, I am sticking to protective styles as I nourish my hair with this line and maintain low levels of manipulation.

Here is a quick tutorial of me demoing how I use the products in conjunction with my Texture ID form to achieve a super bomb perm rod set! You can shop them by clicking here.

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