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Review: Lottabody Coconut & Shea Oils


*This post may contain affiliate links and was done in collaboration with Lottabody. All opinions are my own. All photos belong to @beatsbykd.

Lottabody is a company that has been around for years. When my hair was relaxed, their foam was my go-to for roller sets. As I transitioned to a natural style, I tried many products for styling my hair. I had to make sure my styles blended the texture of my natural hair with the texture of my permed ends and my goal was to stay away from flat ironing. It was very tough to keep my hair de-tangled and moisturized, because of this, I experienced tons of breakage to the driest parts of my hair (which for me is the crown of my head). De-tangling was literally a nightmare; my scalp was so sore and tender. Many times you couldn’t even get through my hair to touch my scalp because it was tangled and matted. These products simplified the process of de-tangling for me.

The coconut and shea oils line from Lottabody also allowed me to achieve my first successful flexi-rod set and my first successful perm rod set. I believe that the products provided enough hold without drying out my hair. The line has a great scent that isn’t too heavy. My absolute favorite aspect about the line it the price point. It is so affordable! Each product is priced around $5-10. I discovered the new line at my local beauty supply store, but I also restock on amazon.

Love Me 5-n-1 Leave-In Treatment

lottabody 5 n1

The all-in-one styling creme is for all hair types: relaxed, natural and color-treated. I have personally used the product at all three of these stages and can attest to the fact that it is truly versatile. The 5 key product benefits include: de-tangling & conditioning, protection from heat, adding moisture & brilliant shine, preventing split ends, and taming frizz. The instructions state to spray on damp, towel dried, or dry hair and comb through. Distribute evenly through your hair from root to end then style.

I typically start by using this to de-tangle wet/damp hair. For my rod sets, I blow dry my hair using this as a heat protector. Below, is how I use the 5-n-1 to achieve a perfect perm road set.

Moisture Me Curl & Style Milk

Lottabody curl milk

The curl & style milk is something that I tend to use daily when styling my puff. I rub it between my hands and rub it all over my hair. It brings the moisture without weighing down the curls in my fro. The key product benefits include: defining curls, taming frizz and adding moisture & brilliant shine. This product is also for natural and relaxed hair. The instructions state to distribute even throughout damp, towel dried or dry hair from root to end then style.

If I am trying to achieve a smooth moisturized puff or bun this is my go-to. As a person who did not do one big chop, I was amazed as waves started to take shape. This is one of the first products I discovered that works for me for curl definition. I took work selfies everyday for months because I had my “waves” poppin’ lol. It can also be used for bantu knots, sets, twist outs and braid outs. I would suggest starting on damp or freshly steamed hair for the most definition but I have seen a friend with finer hair use on dry hair and she achieved amazing results as well!

Cleanse Me Co-Wash

lottabody cowash

If you are familiar with my blog and routines, you know that I rarely use an actual shampoo. I would even go as far as to say that I am anti-shampoo for my at home between salon maintenance. I have very dry hair and most shampoos (even some co-washes) strip my hair of every ounce of moisture. This product does the exact opposite. It is extremely moisturizing without weighing down the hair. I can easily work this through my hair without it matting up and it actually cleanses, removing product bill up. The key product benefits include: leaving the hair clean & moisturized, taming frizz & adding shine, de-tangling & conditioning, fighting against shrinkage, and being safe to use on color treated hair. There are no sulfates or parabens which is great for my curly girl method.

Overall, I give this line a 10 out of 10. The line is versatile and achieves great results on an array of different hair types. I really do not know what I would have done if I would have never discovered this line. I would most likely have been forced to do a big chop due to breakage! I recommend that anyone who is on a budget or looking for some affordable quality products try this line. If you are struggling with dry, undefined curls give this line a try, your hair will thank you.

Stay tuned for my tutorial…



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