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Review: LUS Brands

Enjoy my Lus Brands Review!

Lus Brands Review

My biggest challenge with my type 4 a/d coily mane is definition. My hair dries quickly without any product but typically lacks definition; I naturally have very frizzy hair when is air dries. Towards the end of my transition, I found my self searching for videos focusing on curl definition. I longed to perfect my wash and go routine. I’ve tried dozens of products. Through trial and error I’ve learned countless things about my hair and preferences. I have  also identified a few pet peeves.  For example, I hate products that slide down my hair making their way on to my neck and down back as my hair dries that makes for literally the worst wash and go. I stumbled upon this brand sitting at restaurant in Miami. I was working on some things for my business and came across a tutorial that caught my attention. Instantly I was obsessed with results that all in one provided. The definition of her curls was amazing. I knew that I had to get my hands on these products.

Lus brands provides exactly what I need in one product for styling. They also have a simple three part system that simply put works! I regularly get compliments on my hair but when I used the three step system for the first time, literally 10 people complimented me on my hair within 2 days. I even had a stylist walk out of her salon to give me her information. She said that she saw my hair and it  as beautiful. The creator, Sarah, literally “put her foot” in her formulas. I will forever continue to love my curls and pamper them her products.

Here is how I used the system:

Step 1 – Shampoo

I have to start by saying that I am a noo-poo curly girl. I have extremely dry hair so I rarely shampoo my hair. I typically only use shampoo when I’m getting it done professionally. 9 times out of 10 when at home, I co-wash. This shampoo is gentler than the average shampoo but it does do a great job at cleansing. I feel like this would be great for someone with oily hair especially. I know that I will probably use this when I have a lot of product build up as needed but it won’t be a weekly thing.

Step 2 – Condition

Conditioning is one of my favorite parts of my routine. For me a good conditioner, moisturizes my hair giving it a lot of slip for me to really detangle my coils. The key to defined curls is penetrating moisture throughout your entire strand down to the very end of each coil. It is easy to moisturize straight hair because the products slip right down the hair. With curly hair the product has a harder time slipping down and around each curl/coil. *One tip that has helped me a lot with keeping my hair moisturized is washing out my first round of condition but leaving  he second round in. I like to start the styling process with my hair drenched in water and conditioner.

This condition is great to do just that. That moringa oil really proves a lot a moisture and did I mention this stuff smells amazing?! It was really easy to work the product through my hair and it provides a good amount of slip. When I first looked up at my hair in the mirror, I was kind of shook at how my curls were already very defined JUST from the conditioner. I could tell that it really packed my hair with moisture. I don’t feel like the product was heavy or weighed down my hair either even through the results were amazing.

Step 3 – All In One Leave In (aka the main event)

Now, what completely sold me on the line is the leave in. If you are really looking to add definition with a serious hold that doesn’t weigh down your curls, search no further. Seriously, this is product shook up my wash and go routine as I know it. I’m used to using 4-10 products when styling my hair. This product just replaced almost all of them.

Initially, I was expecting this to be soft and silky in texture. I guess the packaging fooled me. I’m used to serums being in that type of packaging. So when I rubbed the leave-in in between my hands together I was taken aback by how the cream like textured turned slightly foamy. I felt it thickening up. I believe this is why a little goes such a long way. They recommend that you use lots of water – less product, more water. This is great because you will get multiple uses from the products. My girls with thick hair know that sometimes one entire bottle of product can be used in one sitting!

At first, I didn’t know what to think of how it felt as I worked the leave in through my hair. I was actually kind of confused. It wasn’t at all like anything I have encountered before. Immediately was thinking nah this can’t be right!?! What is this product doing?!? Then I remembered that the product is water activated so I continued to add water with my spray bottle. Right before my eyes I could see my strands start to become very defined. One thing I really loved was that when I put my hair up into a puff no product slide down my face or neck even though my hair was far from being completely dry. I feel like this product sort of combines the LOC method all into one product. By simply rubbing it in between my hand the product seemed to be a mixture of a cream/oil and foam/mouse. This provides the same hold as a gel without the harsh crunch. It took me about 15-20 minutes to work the product through my hair. Some of my earlier routines have taken my an hour or more.

Overall, I have give this brand a huge thumbs up. I recommend anyone with curly or wavy hair try this line. I really think that this line will wake up your routine and provide results like never before. It worked perfectly for my hair and I will forever be a loyal customer. I feel and see the tremendous amount of work put into this product and entire brand. If you chose to give it try, I highly doubt you will be disappointed. One thing that I would also like to mention is that they provide stellar customer service. If you have any questions, comments or concerns the team is very responsive. They will even help you select the kit for your hair via private message if you shoot them pictures of your hair.

As a Supply Chain Consultant, Makeup Artist, Grade Student and Small Business own, my time literally is money. Lus Brands saves me so much time in my daily routine. I think this brand will be around for a long time changing curly girls’ routines! I am excited to see and try the new products to come from Lus Brands.


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