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Review: Nicole Lee USA

Nicole Lee USA is a Los Angeles based handbag company that launched in 2004. The design team aims to continue to keep fashion fun and refreshing!

Trendy, unique, and bold are just a few ways to describe the ever emerging brands’ designs. NL’s designers are inspired by European runway, as well as NY and LA street fashion.You can find Nicole lee collection in thousands of fine boutique shops throughout the United States and abroad such as London, Paris, Tokyo, Milan, Rome, and Madrid.



Nicole Lee defines Fashion as:

“An ever-changing entity that is consistently incorporating cultural and social traits in its designs.”

The quality of NL bags are superior to most brands on the market today – by far. The stitching and embellishments makes it evident that they took their time crafting the products. There is so much personality bursting through each piece in every little detail. The suitcase is spacious with multiple compartments.


If you are looking for a couple of statement pieces head over to check out a vast variety of chic handbags on their website. Check out a few more designs I am obsessed with below:

Thanks to Apex Drop and Nicole Lee for this amazing collaboration opportunity.*

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