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Review: Pat McGrath Sublime Perfection Foundation

My level of excitement when I learned I was receiving the new Pat McGrath Sublime Perfection Foundation via Influenster is inexplicable. Previously, I had posted on my IG stories about my growing anticipation for the launch of the Sublime Perfection Foundation collection, but lost track of time - not realizing we were coming up on the release date at Sephora, July 25th, until I was notified I would be receiving it in exchange for an honest review.

The packaging is what I like to call - subtle glam. The box is is black and gold with the flap to open facing the front. The bottle is nice, with gold lettering. I love the pump on the bottle of the foundation; it is perfect for the unique formula, allowing just enough product to be released.

As far as the formula, I would say that it is very thin but not watery. It wears very comfortably and lightly on the skin. The coverage is medium, so, with the foundation being so light weight, yet highly pigmented, you can definitely build it up a bit. I did notice that my mole above my lip was still peaking through though. This foundation reminds me of Giorgio Armani and NARS Sheer glow.

Now, the biggest concern for many folks - the price... This foundation retails for $68 at Sephora! It is very pricey! Not many of us have almost $70 bucks to spurge on a single foundation. While it does perform nicely for a person wanting a nice and naturally radiant foundation, I do know that this is worth the price.

From the aspect of being a pro makeup artist, this is definitely not a foundation that I would be looking to stock my kit with. I will continue to use this foundation but, I am not sure if I will "repurchase" when it runs out. Well, I seriously doubt it will run out...for me this will be more of a collectors item.

Overall, I think that this is great for anyone with perfect skin...if you have acne, scaring, texture, and need something heavy duty that stays in place, keep it moving. All and all, I am a little disappointed. This really feels like a skin tint more than foundation. You have to set it very well! It doesn't last all day and can get patchy throughout the day.

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