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Review: Patrick Starr Mac Cosmetics Holiday Collection

I must have been living under a rock during the first release of the infamous Patrick Star Mac Cosmetics powder because I didn’t get wind of it until it was long gone from the shelves. The countless YouTube reviews raving of how the pink powder was one of a kind had me in my feelings that I had missed copping it. I searched and searched for it online and in stores but was unable to find it any. When I saw that the powder would be released again with Patrick’s latest holiday collaboration with Mac, I knew that I had to snag it. The day it drop online, I got super busy at work and missed out. It was sold out. I headed to my local Mac Cosmetics store the day it dropped (even parked in the 20 minute parking for a restaurant attached to the mall because the mall was packed – I was determined lol). I ended up grabbing the setting powder and baby it’s gold outside highlighter. Check them out below:

The setting powder is nice. I didn’t experience any flashback.  The packaging is cute and eye catching. I love the red glitter vibes. Definitely screams H O L I D A Y.

I like this powder puff. It is thick and the handle provides a good grip. Once again the red glitter adds such a nice touch. I just hate how dirty these get upon the first use. They really seem like a pain to clean. My preference is a brush when applying setting powder. It does apply powder decently.

Now the set up of the powder is problematic for me. First, I have a love hate relationship with how it is packaged without an inner cap. With any movement, powder can get every inside. You pretty much have to keep the powder puff inside to keep the powder from moving around inside everywhere. I don’t think a client would like to see a dirty powder puff (because I did end up using it) coming from the powder. It is tough to get the powder out into the cap. I found it very annoying when I was trying to set my makeup.

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Baby it’s gold outside – the name of this highlighter is soooo cute and clever. The pan is huge; you get so much product. I love this shade. My only issue is that there is no mirror inside of the compact. It is very build-able. To me these are more of collectors items than items for the everyday makeup wearer. They are pricey and I am happy with my purchases but I think someone on a budget might would have buyers remorse.

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