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Review: Shante Oils For Hair and Body


There is something about a good quality oil that makes my heart sing. I love when an oil penetrates the surface of the skin providing long lasting moisture versus sitting on top of the skin and sticking to things then leaving a trail on everything you touch. Shante Oils for hair and body brings the moisture big time! It can bring even the driest skin and hair back to life.


The scent is amazing. It smells warm and gentle. It feels smooth with a non-sticky texture. I feel as though the price point is beyond fair for the quality of the product especially since it is so versatile which is another thing I love about it. You can use it as a daily moisturizer on your skin and hair, you can you is weekly as a hot oil treatment or  as a leave in with a hair steam treatment (I recommend the Q-Redew) and you can even add a couple of drops to a warm bath. I have incorporated this product into my daily routine – I use it from head to toe! I am curious to explore how it will impact my hair growth. The key to long and healthy hair is retaining  the length from your growth. The my hair thrives when it is moisturized. My scalp has been loving this oil.

You can buy it here!

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