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Swatches: Sunset Palette Natasha Denona


Talk about a splurge. I am almost ashamed to admit how much I dropped on this palette but it was worth every dime. Each shadow is super pigmented! I love the warm tones; they compliment my skin tone so well. You can create an endless possibilities of eye looks with this palette. The mattes and shimmers are equally to die for. If you are looking to really TREAT  yourself and have some coins to spend, I recommend this palette. It is most definitely melanin friendly. You can find it at Sephora but it is currently out of stock.


Without Flash


With Flash


Side note: One of the ladies in my makeup group shared an experience with ND’s customer service. She said that she order this palette and a pan came broken. They did not want to replace it but eventually mentioned that they would resenf the pan. She said it was a night mare especially for the price point. You would think that the price $$$ of the palette would ensure top of the line customer service but it seems as though they didn’t get it right. Because of this, I decided to by pass ordering directly from their site and ordered it off Sephora where I know their return policy is good.

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