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Beginner Friendly Makeup Courses

Hey There, I'm Kim.

I joyfully teach working women how to utilize professional level techniques to achieve a flawless and long lasting makeup application for their everyday routine as well as  for special occasions. Students walk away with an understanding of how to apply their makeup to look their "Sunday Best" on their own.

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When YouTube tutorials just aren't enough...

  • Easy Step-by-Step Courses for Beginners

    Students will walk away with a thorough understanding of the proper tools needed for a professional application at home. Master the art of brow filling, brow sculpting, lash application, basic eyeshadow application, highlighting, contouring, bronzing, tips for a flawless long-lasting application, and more...

  • Virtual Courses

    Receive personalized instruction as well as coaching in an intimate setting. Your questions are answered LIVE in real-time!

  • Face-to-Face Interaction

    You and I will get up close and personal during the course via our virtual classrooms! Having access to pick my brain on the areas in which you struggle.

Makeup Therapy...


While our daily activities can keep our schedules jammed packed,

it is important that we take the time to love on yourselves. For me, that

looks like makeup therapy; applying my makeup allows time for me to

mentally and aesthetically prepare myself to tackle any tasks that may

come my way.


 I am a firm believer in the age old saying, "when you look good, you

feel good". I created Sunday Best Makeup Courses to teach you how

to level up your makeup skills and create routines that leave you looking and

feeling your Sunday Best on any occasion.

Whether you are looking to update your look, establish or upgrade your

personal/professional brand, snag an interview, simply boost your confidence,

or have a ton of products you have no idea how to use this course is for you.

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